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I said I loved you in the space port

I said I loved you in the space port
-by William Hay

“It’s true I said I loved you in the space port”,  she said.  I was standing close beside her feeling the heat of her body through the light tight fabrics of our body suits.
“But I thought we were going to die,” she said.
The aliens with their long fibrous tentacles had been everywhere in the hallways.  Breeching the walls of the command centre they’d spread out in seconds. I’d hardly had time to pull out  the the laser rifle from the locker before going to  her in the adjacent room. She had strapped on an old fashioned particle pistol.  She was wearing it on a holster on her hip, like some kind of old west cowgirl gunslinger.
“My father gave it to me, a sovenier, he’d picked up at  Old World Earth. “  she’d once told me.
Together we slipped out of our cabins, silently but quicklymaking our way to the space port.
“The station’s over run ? ,” she asked
“I think so.”  I ‘d accessed the camera leads and saw these things everywhere,. The only escape off the station. There were escape ship pods outside every space port.  Each port had  space suits and propulsion packs. . With the way the air in the hall tasted it wasn’t going to be long before we weren’t able to breathe.  All the hulls were self sealing but the scrubbers or the air source itself had somehow been harmed.  The aliens appeared to have suits over their bodies and heads but they had at least 6 tentacles each 3 or 4 feet long extending uncovered from what passed as a suit.  The helmut was like ours but bigger. Big bulbous affairs. It was hard to tell but they appeared to just have one eye and an opening below which must serve as a mouth or air hole.  They carried packs on their backs.  In one of the tentacles they had a tube like weapon that belched flecthetes. I’d seen it take down a crew on the vid even as I was fetching the laser rifle from the locker.
There were three of them slithering down the corridor when I opened with the laser. She plugged one with her pistol. The slug breached the big helmut and passed right into that one eye splatting the inside of the helmut with putrid green blood.  Surprisingly she pulled out another  clip when we’d finished firing together and three aliens lay dead leaking green pus like blood  I  pressed the ‘access’ on the panel at the space port with her covering my back.  We moved togehter into the outer lock, the door closing behind us. .
We  donned our own glass globe helmets.  Her long arms were above her head rolling  her long brown hair into a bun with one hand while the other was holding the helmut above her head ready to slip down. That’s when she said it.
“I love you, you know.”  The helmut was over her head then.    I turned away to look back down the corridor. I pressed “decompress" on the inside panel.  A large octopus black head in glass bubble poked around the bend, tentacles slithering forward towards the door.  One great bulbous eye appearing on a stalk  stared straight forward at me.   I didn’t wait longer.  The outer door open. We kicked out.
Holding the torpedo pack in front of her with me holding her belt we thrust across the space to nearest pod ship. The outer hatch automatically opened as we closed.  There had been no reason to believe there was any threat here. We were in Home World space.  The outer perimeter was protected by destroyers and mines.  The station was a research facility developing minuscule creatures for an ark  journey. It would one day be incorporated into a major transport ship and the expedition would set off. . We were scientists not warriors.  We’d both had our Navy Seal training. Everyone assigned to the mission had.   But this wasn’t a combat mission.  We’d just been studying the effects of low gravity on hybrid zebra sexual function. The idea was to have an ark of tiny creatures which could be moved across galaxy at low cost in propellant and sustenance to be able to grow in an abundant world to former size. The problem however was the smaller animals needed to be reproductively robust for the journey.  That’s what was paying our  way.  I was a veterinarian xenoiologist and she was a computer analyst specializing in DNA.  At least  until the aliens arrived.
“I’m just not into lesbianism,” she said.
“It’s not like I’m a woman. I”m trans. I have male parts.”
“But I don’t know if I can get used to your breasts. I’ve always liked hairy chested warrior type men."
“You’ve always said they treated you badly. We both know your record. You said I was your best friend."
“Friend yes, but I don’t know about having you as a lover."
‘We could try."
“That’ s what all the guys say. Your nano tech and hormones haven’t changed that about you.” she laughed.
I’d got the tiny pod ship away from the station and lucky for us the things hadn’t followed. She’d radioed central command who had no knowledge of the invasion.  It seemed a discrete insertion of the station.  A destroyer was on the way even as we were thrusting towards the nearest  planet surface. Looking back we could see the oblong shape of the alien ship already moving away from the station, thankfully in a direction opposite to us. .  She’d connected the feed from the station into our visuals so we could see the empty corridors.  It wasn’t easy looking at the dead bodies of friends.  At least there were a few more alien corpses like the ones we’d left to show it wasn’t only a one sided fight.  It wasn’t clear yet what they’d wanted.
The Destroyer engaged them further out.  An exchange of fire appeared with silent explosions through the view port.  At a distance it didn’t seem like much.  Not spectacular like entertainment vids showed.  Just a couple of units of light and some sparks. Then the oblong shape was gone. It had warped or somehow accelerated away.  The destroyer  chose not to follow but headed  towards the station.
“Should be go back?, “ she asked.  We were at the point where we could have entered the planet atmosphere or returned to the station now that the destroyer was coming up alongside it.
“Go on. That’s protocol.  We can return when there’s an all clear. I’ll feel better on the planet after that,” I said.
After docking we’d been debriefed. The word from the station was there were other survivors but many too had died. The breach in the wall of the command centre had killed quite a few. . A few like us had had weapons and escaped to the floating pods that surrounded the ports.  As yet there was no explanation.
We were on the nearby beach. Both of us in skin suits. Military black. Her’s a bikini. Mine a one piece.  There was no regulations about covering breasts. Others on the beach were naked.  Some were topless.  Children and teens were in the ocean. We’d chosen discretion.  Now I was sitting beside her looking down at our legs inches apart enjoying our towels on the sand our hands and arms supporting us.  She really was beautiful. Aquiline nose, high cheek bones, full lips and that long antelope neck.
“When I look at you I see a sister, not a mate,” she was saying.  We’d continued our conversation while waiting for more word on the aliens and the space station.  The repair ship was already there with detectives. The miniature animals were appeared altogether safe, their compounds in the inner part of the ship protected from hull breach.  The computer programs had been accessed though. That was all that could be told.  We’d have to go back and catalogue everything just in case.
"What were they after?” she’d asked.
“I don’t know but I’m sure glad I got you out of there.”
“Yes, I am thankful for that but I might well have got out alone."
“True. That eye shot and the spurting green muck was forever memorable.”
“It’s not that I don’t find you attractive,” she suddenly said, placing her hand on my cheek.
“You said you loved me,” I replied.
“That’s when I thought I was going to be strangled by one of those tentacles or  have my body juices sucked out till I was dead” she laughed.
“You can’t expect me to wait for another alien attack before I hope you’ll  ravish me."
“I guess not,’ she said, her blue eyes twinkling as she twisted about and pushing me back in the sand,  her incredibly sensuous body pressing against me.   She began to kiss me fully on my mouth,  her tongue probing mine inside to tangle with my own now very happy and alert tongue.  The feelings were exquisite.  All of her, her weight, her smoothness, the kiss, her hair on my shoulders, all of it was just as I’d  hoped .  Her mouth was sweet  perfection as her tongue probed mine exciting me beyond anything I’d ever known.
It was not like either of us  were virgins.
We’d both been married and divorced. She’d had children, now grown.
But that’s what they say about chemistry. The heat was so intense that when she lifted off me her breasts grazed my nipples and  I was just awe struck.
“For a first go that  was pretty impressive.” She said smiling down at me. "I may just have to consider you as more than a friend. I could even get used to ravishing you if what you have down there is more than just show.” She was eying the lower part of my bathing suit where some definition had suddenly appeared.  She sat up.
"But not now.” She said jumping up. Kicking sand all over me, she rushed  off to where water met beach wading forward.
“Catch me if you can.’ she called then dove straight into the sea. Her lithe muscular body knifing the little waves as her arms began a powerful crawl her legs and feet thrashing the water behind her.  I wasn’t far behind. Alien invasion or not I wasn’t going to be left behind by the most beautiful,  accomplished, sensuous, intelligent woman in the galaxy. She did look good in a bikini.   We were both in fine  shape. The military demanded it whether we were scientists or warriors first class. I don’t think I would have caught her if she hadn’t wanted to be caught.
Treading water, she mocked me.
“You wouldn’t have had a chance at keeping up with me without those great bulbous water wings of your. They give you bouyancy.  That increased your speed, don’t you think.”  she asked smiling.
I didn’t know what to say. I was sputtering and still catching my breath. She was even more beautiful with her water running down her cheek, her magnificent breasts appearing and disappearing about the surface as she tread, and all around us beautiful calm seal blue sky and snow topped mountains on the distant shore.
“As a woman, if I had what you have down there,I’d never be able to swim naked. Always afraid a fish would take it for a worm.” she laughed, eyes glancing down..
“It would have to be a very big and very brave fish even now,” I said, catching myself masculine defensive at a feminine aside.  I’d like the shrinkage before.  More and more I thought of it as a clitoris.  But the hugeness of the thing had been hard to conceal.  Noow as she spoke of it I rather missed the expansile rapid onset fullness.There was a certain sensation though there in the warm water as our bodies tread water together so close..
“I’d like to look,” she said.
 I was glad for the one piece. She was the kind of girl that I know if I was wearing shorts she’d have ducked under and pulled them down.
 “Oh, I’ve wanted to see you naked for a long time.
“I know. Of course you would. And maybe you will. But I just want to see that, “ she said , glancing down with her eyes.”You can keep the rest clothes on.”
That’s when the sky erupted. Three Saucer like craft, the kind we call flitters,suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  Great sheets of flame rained down on the beach where we’d just been. Screams pierced the air. Flaming bodies dove into the water.  Craters appeared as bombs drop.  One  flitter flashed right overhead ignoring us.  If we’d been on the beach we’d have been vaporized.  There were three of them and they’d concentrated their fire where the most people were.  One after another they flashed over the beach,  their weapons systems targeting the largest groups. We treaded water watching in horror .  As quickly as they’d come They passed on at supersonic speeding towards the city.
“Let’s go,’ there was no need to say it. We were both front crawling at maximal speed to the beach where flames and  destruction reigned.  The screams continued.
She ran ahead of me to life guard station. We both grabbed a couple of emergency suitcases. All were identical first aid trauma kits for emergency use.  All over the planet, the same suitcases were available for just this kind of attack and anything else as well.  In minutes we were injecting morphine, tying tourniquets,  slapping on healing suave and non adhesive bandages.  The burns would have been worse were it not for the nu skin biologicals. Ripping the packages open we slid the skin over the area of burn, the disenfectant , anesthetic and antibiotic coated surfaces of the patches instantly relieving the pain and hugging the wounds.  Previously these would have caused such suffering and scarring. Others were working as quickly as we were. All of us trained today in worthwhile information long after the days when schools were used soled for propaganda organs.  Every citizens was emergency ready. The world had once been such a place of  waste of bubble heads and ego. Now it managed by competent folk.  Industry was for ever startling. Genius was celebrated.   It was hard looking at the tourniquet limbs knowing they’d be lost but the artificial limbs today were thought by some as better than their own.    All manner of scientific advances had been made when the political abuse of science had been stopped. But what had happened to the  alien sensor array. It was supposed to be the first line of defence. Nothing could get through without alarms.  Obviously that would need improving..
The attack on the space station wasn’t a solitary event. This was a full on assault. . In the distance the flitters could be seen bombing and strafing the city.
“We’ve helped a couple of dozen. I think that’s all we can do.  Others are coming now. ” she said. The supplies from the cases were all  gone but emergency vehicles were arriving..
“Time for us to get out of here.” I agreed.  “The ambulances can take these folk to the underground hospitals’.
As she ran across the sand ahead of me I watched her  long hair like a lion’s mane..  When you’re in love you can’t not see such things.  Despite the horrors all around, now more subdued, the screaming stopped, the flames all but out, she looked even more beautiful bounding ahead of me like a young gazelle.  I felt my own breasts bouncing as I wondered if I shouldn’t try for long hair again. It looked lovely on her.  I preferred my shorter bobbed cut. More functional by far.
Our hover craft was waiting.  The AI asked as we took our seats,  “Where would you like to go?"
I looked at her.
“Military Space Compound #53”  she said.  I nodded.
“Top speed,” she added.
Military Space Compound #53 was an underground weapons research facility mere miles away.  Our research project was running out of there as well.  If we could get there we’d not only be comparatively safe but also we'd probably be able to take our place in the military defence. .  Looking up I saw a patrol of navy jets streak overhead  Back at the city behind us missiles were striking  the alien craft still strafing and bombing.  We were going high speed parallel to the action hopeful we’d not be attacked by any of those flitters.
“Are the weapons having any effect.”  she asked, looking as I did at the distant air battle.
“I can’t tell.  So far none of the flitters I’ve been following has gone down.  They’ve definitely taken hits.  One of the jets we saw pass overhead has already gone down. At this distance it’s hard to tell but there doesn’t seem to be force field around the aliens.  There shells just seem tough and impermeable to our missiles and munitions..  I don’t know if they’re doing damage. They're certainly using their speed and maneuverability to avoid the fire from our ships and the ground."
“i’d love to get a look at their propulsion systems.” she replied anger in her voice.
Our craft came up on Compound #53. There were lots of craters all around the area but no rifts. The ground didn’t open automatically. I had to key in my military encryption code.  As I was wondering if it was still in effect the ground began to open.. We got lucky. The concealed ground parted and our AI hover craft descended rapidly even as the small port was closing behind us.  We settled into a vast underground garage.  The AI automatically switched from hover mode to ground transport whisking us across the tarmac to the elevators at the end.
Leaving the vehicle, still dressed only in black bathing suits, carrying  the packs we’d left at the beach in the car,  both of us now with advanced laser combat rifles.  We’d increased our weapons when our escape pod ship,  first landed. Walking quickly now leaving the AI to park,  we joined what seemed like throngs of others heading forward on the moving high speed passenger belts.  The usually spacious  now maximally crowded down elevators descended rapidly opening at various floors to let people off. .
The politicians in a past era had spent  trillions of dollars in committee meetings claiming they were preparing for climate change and doing science. Nothing ever came of that but when a larger than normal meteor did strike the earth causing a few catastrophic tsunamis and earth quakes some real leaders got the funding for this and other such underground survival systems.  Great under ground cities had developed around what had first been military installations which ranged for miles under mountains. Once they’d been prepared only for Presidents  and military commanders the basic idea had expanded to what was now were a truly mixed bag habitat. The cutting edge military research facilities were here but ranging out in all directions was a whole city like any above ground city ever was. Only this one was impermeable to weather anomalies and hostile attack.  It was amazing how far a trillion dollars went when it wasn’t just feeding ego and  hot air.
Today the military were at the exits on every floor directing people to the various stations.  As space researchers and part time warriors they unloaded us at level 23. There we took the high speed train to the science section associated with space exploration and defence.
“Glad to see you two. Sorry your R&R was interrupted but glad you got back safely. “ Harry said, directing the incoming people like a symphony conductor, arms moving every which way.
Harry was the second in command of their unit, a brilliant scientist who was also a competitive athlete, sometimes going to other Home Worlds to do some crazy endurance feats for which he’d won countless medals. HIs girl friend, one of the nano tech lab assistants always seemed on the verge of purring suggesting  his athletic prowess wasn’t solely used for competitive sport.  Now he was seriously into leadership mode.  His remarkable mind  was racing through all incoming data scanning a half dozen wall feeds all the while he directed returning team members to their desk. Talking to us and to earbuds and a head up screen he passed along the latest information.
‘The detectives at the station actually found the aliens did take something. Just put your rifles and your packs over there. It wasn’t apparent at first but forensic analysis of the computer showed exactly where they looked at  Following the digital trail the detectives learned they were only interested in the octopus and snake DNA .  “Their people on site say that the compounds with the miniature octopi and some of the snakes had been breached and some of those appeared missing. Can you get right on that. Find out what they took.  Sort out exactly what they were after. You said they looked like octopus themselves."
“Yes, big single eyed bulbous head  but their tentacles were scaled like a snake.” I reflected.
“Do you think they’re some how related to our earth forms. That might explain the  theft but it doesn’t explain the all out attack on the earth itself.”  She said this while  throwing on  pink t shirt and pulling  purple slacks over her bathing suit.
“We don’t have enough data to speculate yet.  Let’s just find out exactly which species they were interested in. The word from above is the jets are scoring some hits.  The skin of the ships is tough but not impermeable."
 I had just pulled on a black t shirt  and slipped into some some slinky stretchy black slacks.
As we took our place at our computer screens Harry was directed more incoming personnel to their workstations with specific questions. Everyone like us  had weapons and packs with them.  Soon almost half of our old team was on site and working.
I had a list of the snakes that had been taken. We'd had live feeds from the station and could see the octopus was gone.  Only three of the snakes were missing.  A viper,  a rattler and a cobra.  Nothing made sense.  Harry said the war overhead was winding down as the flitters were heading out to space.  More destroyers from the outer rim had come in to join the small earth defence that had been all but overwhelmed by the alien sneak attack.  Nothing made any sense yet.
“Let’s go,” Harry suddenly called out.  “Central command wants us up on the station STAT. We’re taking some of the experimental weapons they’ve been working on with us too. We’ve got some weapons tech. The navy patched up the breaches and the detectives have cleared the station to go. Lets move.  Everyone bring your rifles and pistols.:.
Next moment I had my pack and rifle and was wedged up close to her smelling her hair as we shot upwards in the high speed elevator.  Squatting on the tarmac was one of the new jump ships that looked as close to a stubby beer bottle as a ship could get .  Conveyor systems were carrying electronics and tube devices  high speed into the hull.  Hulls had long lost any projectile mounts all being clean and smooth for travel  through atmosphere. But once they got into space the modern war ship would bristle like a porcupine with all manner of instruments, cannons and antennae appearing .   This ship was special too.  One of the latest nuclear powered high speed highly manoeuvrable fighters it had been designed as a weapons platform for experimental systems. .  We were passengers but everyone was trained for service in the navy.  The regulars were there managing everything but we were now assigned cabins and service locations .I would join the artillery crew in the outer ship  She would be forward. For now we were strapped side by side in acceleration chairs   The ship carried a hundred of us.   We were underway almost as fast as we had our gear stowed.
The earth above us opened to blue sky. Then we were blasting up through the atmosphere everyone strapped into acceleration chairs.  Great view screens looked out from all around the ship.  The smoke above the city was obvious.  Some areas still burned but great fire engine water tanks were gathering  last around  the last of those sites
 “Sill love me,” I asked.
“It’s not what was on my mind,” she said.
“I know.That’s why its my job to remind you.”
She laughed.  The g force against us with the acceleration was increasing.
“Like those puppies now on your chest,” she smiled turning her head to see my expression.
We could hardly speak as the ship shook and more g’s pressed down against us.
I would have liked to have a witty comeback but I was wishing I’d peed once more before this ascent.  The chairs could absorb any manner of human waste, including blood. They contoured to the body and were self cleaning as well. But I didn’t think wetting myself would impress the lady.  Also at these g’s talk was nearly impossible. Best to ride it out. .
“I should have peed once more,’ she said through a grimace.
Then as suddenly as the g force weight had bore down on us it began to let up.  We were through the atmosphere.  The earth had released us from it’s gravity.   We would have floated now  if we weren’t strapped in.
In the distance we could see several destroyers . There were just there.  None of the oblong silver ships were about. I was definitely goose necking around for any  enemy presence.
Artificial gravity kicked in just about then.  She was out of her chair like a shot and headed for the loo. I was only steps behind.   As I waited cross legged in the hall expecting the others would be in use too, I said,”I”m glad they didn’t take the little zebra."
As she came out, she gave kissed me a brushing kiss full on the  lips,  “Me too, “ she said.
I really did love her. But first I had to piss like a race horse and didn’t have time to sit.

To be continued

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Vancouver -A Beautiful City

Everyone who visits says Vancouver is a beautiful city.  Situated on the protected English Bay Harbour off the inside passage of Georgia Strait it is a sea port with great tankers in the harbour, marinas, sailboats and beautiful beaches.  Kits Beach is the summer college girl and boy hang out with beach volley ball. I prefer Spanish Banks but Wreck Beach by the main UBC Point Grey site is famous for it’s nudity and historic hippy fests that challenged the city and the police till one day the storm in the tea cup was past. Now even the gay end of the beach with reported lusty hook ups is all but respectable.  Nothing shocks anymore and I say that with some ambivalence.
The UBC Museum of Anthropology on the cliffs above never grows old. Concerts at the near by Chan Centre, especially classical are a treasure.  I so enjoyed the Bach and Handel perfomances I attended in recent years.   Kitsilano is the suburb that’s kind of yuppie. The houses are astronomically priced now but the people are more than approachable. Vancouver’s wealthy sections are old Shaughnassey and West Vancouver.  North Vancouver and Kitsilano have that middle class feel. The lower class was once East Vancouver but there housing prices have sky rocketed as well making poor people rich when they sell their houses. The West End is quintessential Vancouver, downtown with mostly apartments and the highest density.  Robson Street in the main uptown shopping street with Davie the once gay now gay plus or minus part of town depending on perspective.Granville street is the central core.  Bridges cross over False Creek where the dragon boats make a racket and Coal Harbour where the main commercial port is.  Commercial Street in gentrifying East Vancouver  and attracted the lesbians more so along with a younger crowd while Davis street maintained it’s corner on the bears and leather set  The drag  queen shows still take place on Davis where a different night life persists. But there’s really a chic and mixed set that have always been part of the Davis scene. The Avant Garde and the city live and work near here so it’s where they eat and increasingly shop for books and clothes.  St. Paul’s Hospital with the surrounding medical offices is nearby.
Howe is where the Courthouses are. Then there’s Georgia and Burrard where the very very old and very very baautiful Christ Church Cathedral is located.The new Bells contribute to the audioscape of the city.  All around there are magnificent hotels. The Vancouver Art Gallery is central with nearby Pacifc Centre shopping mall, Hudson’s Bay and across the street  the new Nordstroms.
Vancouver’s architecture is dominated with glass giving it a lightness of being look so different from the heaviness of New York and Chicago.  There’s a sense that fairies live here while trolls live in the east.  One really can imagine unicorns flying on rainbows amidst these almost delicate buildings not surprisingly built to withstand earthquakes.  The ground does shake here on occasasion.
I rode my Harley Davidson downtown simply knowing I’d be able to bypass rush hour traffic with a bike whereas with a car I’d be frustrated no end. Also on my motorcycle I see so much more. I really appreciated once again the incredible beauty of the solid circular architecture of our main library.  The Queen Elizabeth Theatre is near by.   I so enjoy performances of Ballet BC.  Rogers Arena, a grand structure, is where we most recently enjoyed the magnificent U2 concert with Mumford and Sons as the opening act.  It’s where I’ve also enjoyed games of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.
My favourite Apple store is in the Pacific Centre. I’d thought I cracked the glass on my new iPhone 7 but found it was only a scratched protector.  "Kaloo Kalay he chortled in his joy."  Leaving there and admiring the beautiful people uptown with some fine fashion examples, increasingly a phenomena.  Vancouver was once better known for it’s grunge. This is still popular in the DTES where the homeless sleep on the street and fentanyl overdoses and taking their toll.
Here and there perhaps because Nordstrom’s arrived recently there are Vogue models are walking about downtown along side GQ men.  I think of it as an improvement. I do like people watching and wish there we’re more cafe’s on Georgia where the real lookers flock.  The best coffee and people watching for variety though is Granville street. I’ve had tattoos and peircings there as well as attended the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at the Magnificent Orpheum Theatre.   I like to sit in the outdoor cafes  and write about nothing, Much like I’m doing now. Journalling.  But there I do more  observing.  Lots of visual entertainment.  I don’t like the amplified music.  Non amplified music is a wholly different thing. I like that. More audio sphere art but amplification creates raucous distracting noise. There’s an arrogance to it in a public space. Like ghetto blasters. Like my loud stereo on the Harley which I justify because ‘loud pipes save lives’ . I’m often playing bag pipe music too  Recently i’ve been very partial to U2, Steppenwolf and Led Zeppelin.  Steve Bell is who I really like on the open highway.
The Claude Monet Secret Garden show was on at the Vancouver Art Gallery so I walked over and caught a splendid hour of visual impressionist delightsbefore the gallery closed. Then I rode the motorcycle over to Davis Street. I used to live on Beach Avenue and enj sitting and writing outside the Blenz across the Q Centre and Mary’s Hamburger’s.
I found a parking place across from Bean around the World so sat there and reminisced about living in the west end before moving onto my sailboat in Coal Harbour.
When I got back into motorcylcling after a fifteen year hiatus or so I started with a scooter. Laura and I would ride around Stanley Park on the little 50 cc Aprillia. Next it was the Trev Deeley 600 cc Buell Blast, then the Barnes 1200 CC Harley Roadster and now the Trev Deely 1600 cc Electroglide I have now.  Each bike we’ve enjoyed the pleasant downtown forest ride in Stanley Park. Earlier I’d biked and walked and even roller bladed the seawall. Then when I was involved again with the sailboat it was me seeing others on the sea wall while I motored my sailboat alongside beneath the  Lion’s Gate Bridge.
I loved Lost Lagoon. When I lived on my boat in Coal Harbour I walked my Scotty dog, Stewart,  around the Lagoon almost every day. That’s when Denman Street was my principle dining area.  It’s not that I haven’t loved and appreciated areas of Vancouver, it’s just that since I moved to the North Shore and then later  Burnaby, while I worked in China town and the DTES, I’ve not has as much time to appreciate the city as I once did and do like,  I certainly loved North Vancouver and now love Burnaby especially the  green spaces.
I love Grouse Mountain. It’s been a decade though since I hiked the Grouse Grind and longer since I night down hill skied there or even since I  cross country skied on Cypress Mountain. I just think it’s amazing to have so many play places within the city itself where there’s everything a modern city has to offer plus this extraordinary proximity to natural wonders.  I was relatively immobilized by accidents for some years.
Yet here I am still blessed to be able to walk and ride my motorcycle and enjoy the city. The city’s  beauty in the summer causes me to catch my breath. Riding around Stanly Park then up Georgia I just loved the sky scrapers and the sun mirrored in the beautiful glass. There truly are awesome views.  At the lights I was able to look up and appreciate the workmanship that went into the Fairmont Building, the old facades beside the new glass towers.  Too often i’m in functional mode in the city just working and going from place to place. I saw the city as a tourist this day.  It really is beautiful.  I really must not take it for granted.  It’s so important to be in the moment in the present, in the the place where I am rather than in my work and my head and my business.
 I rode out to the freeway and headed home to Burnaby in the HOV lane.  I’m living and liking the suburbs now for the river walks and fabulous green of the coastal rain forest. You can still smell the sea air and sometimes sea gulls fly over though it’s mostly robin song I hear. In the north I can see the snow capped mountains.  Vancouver really is beautiful, the  city and it’s surroundings.

Vancouver Art Gallery - Monet

I really did enjoy the Claude Monet exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I arrived an hour  before closing.  I must return.
I used to go regularly to the art gallery when I lived in the West End.  I loved the Emily Carr exhibit. I made the decision I must go more often once again when I was enjoying walking through the  National Art Gallery in Ottawa. Laura and I had  so enjoyed the  MET,  Neue and MoNa galleries in New York at Christmas. We even enjoyed our friend Barbara Harris pictures of her time walking through those galleries commenting on our different and overlapping interests.
I do love the ROM in Toronto and went often when I lived there as I did the Tate when I lived in London. I loved the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
Bicycling across Europe in my 20’s I loved the art galleries and museums so very much then.  The Rembrandt museum remains most memorable.
Vancouver isn’t that large a city.  It's neither  old enough to have extensive exhibits. Further we've not conquered other countries and taken their art in conquest.  Still we do well with touring exhibits.
This Claude Monet was wonderful.  I love the Water Lillies. In New York the exhibit is huge. He really did paint on a grand scale. What we have of his garden here gives more than a taste.  I really liked the lay out with the pictures of him in his garden.  The modern day photographs of the region where he painted, including a willow like his painting was an especially creative presentation. What a great idea! Galleries expand our knowledge of artists and their work as their presentations themselves are a special form of art.
A lot of people were thinking as I was.  Old and young were enjoying the exhibit.  I used to come for the cafe and the gift shop too.  The gift shop is unsurpassed in Vancouver for elegant Vancouver.  I bought two unique gifts for the favourite people in my life.
I want to come back when I have more time. Laura  loved the Monet we saw  in New York and Ottawa  so hopefully we’ll get back together.  It’s a special way to share an hour or two.  The space of a gallery is just so inspirational.  A perfect place for contemplation and reflection.

Thoughts on Liberalism: the Religion and the New Sharia Communism of the Godly Godless

After the family the tribe is the fundamental unit of society.  The tribe was a collection of men and women who congregated around a leader, traditionally male with a female partner.  This was considered patriarchy whereas a female leader resulted in a matriarchy.  Tribal organization was defined by kinship.  Fundamental blood relatedness was essential to inclusion or exclusion from a tribe.  Jared Diamond in Traditional Societies reviews this feature at length in his anthropological classic.  Beyond the tribe there was the confederation, federation or nation.  Which is why it’s an misnomer to call most of the Canadian and American tribal aboriginal societies “First Nations” because most had not evolved to this more complex relationship.  The exception was the 5 tribes of the Mohawk Nation on the East Coast of Canada. Certainly aboriginal society had achieved nationhood status in Mesoamerica with the Aztecs and Mayan before them but in the rest of north america there were looser associations.
In the tribe the Strong Man and his Woman divided rule along gender with the masculine affairs being military and policing of the physical world while the feminine affairs were more internal to the tribe, religion and health care.  Vestiges of these ideas remain in terms that describe modern hospitals as hotels of god.  There’s this inner and outer sanctuary. The masculine, commonly associated with the Sun and the external or daylight world while the feminine was associated with the Moon, internal or night time world.  There are multiple variations on this obvious reductionism but it is necessary background to understanding Liberalism as the religion it is today.
It's all further confused by the most masculine religion of Islam having a moon goddess and the most feminine religion of Christianity originating as a empire religion with the sun god worshipping Emperor Constantine.  Intellectually, the limits of which are best set forth by Paul Johnson, in his classic, the Intellectuals, there is dichotomy but reality is neither black or white but various shades of grey.  St. Paul described this best by saying that here 'we see through a glass darkly.'  The great medieval saint described the mystical experience and God as "the cloud of unknowing'. Not surprising war is described as the 'fog of war'.  Only arm chair philosophers, Monday morning quarterbacks and eurocrats best described by Kafka know better.
Karen Armstrong in her classic history, Fields of Blood extensively reviewed the association of war and religion. What she found was that at the hunting gathering tribal level there was sanctity of life and little all out war.  Tribes were small and maintained by kinship and conflicted with each other over territory and resources.  The women leading the children did the gathering which accounted for 50% at least of the food while the men in hunting groups roamed the territory of the tribe securing wary game. The methods of food collection were limited with a major focus of time and resources being spent on acquiring food.  Tribal conflicts were limited affairs because food storage was ever a problem and there was simply not time or energy to give to any but cursory combat.  To mount major war fare agriculture was necessary.  Alternatively cattle and sheep herding could provide a mobile food source.  The pemican of the buffalo hunters allowed for limited war as a portable food maintainable food.  Today with refrigeration and drying process and all the transportation and food management of great metropolis's we take this all for granted. Napoleon Bonaparte knew "an army marches on its stomach."
Today's poverty and starvation are continuations of war politics. Matheus recognized that population control operated through the causes of starvation, pestilence and war. Further pestilence and starvation were operations of war. The three were intimately linked. The idea that poverty and starvation are merely a consequence of arbitrary lack of resources overlooks their design and strategy. Gifts of food and medicine are traded for guns all over the world just as they are traded for drugs by the starving homeless in the inner cities.
Agriculture, on a major scale, first occurred in the Fertile Triangle.  Here abundance resulted in the rise of a ruling class which had not been present to any degree in the tribe.  All of the tribe were previously involved in resource management with the leader often simply being the best hunter. The religion with it’s taboos and superstitions followed observations that ‘explained’ the phenomena witnessed by the tribe.  The religion necessary supported the Strong Man or else it would be destroyed. The Strong Man of history was called such because of his/her capacity for violence, paranoia and charismatic leadership.  With the advent of agriculture, grains could be stored, for campaigns. Not only that a class division could occur with peasants or slaves doing the work of agriculture while a few ruled with violence and technology. Again the religion supported this division or else the religiously leadership were removed (killed).
Jared Diamond and Karen Armstrong have impressively demonstrated that with agriculture and portable storable food it didn’t take great intelligence to realize that increased wealth could be achieved by war and piracy.  Campaigns against neighbours gave  rise to such notable folk ultimately as the Huns, Vikings and various other groups that specialized in war.  The Golden Age of many nations was when their technology and warring capacity was superior to their neighbours resulting in an influx of wealth from conquest and theft.  Dr. Johnson summed this up with the phrase best paraphrased by Bob Dylan, “steal a little and they put you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king."
Throughout history the problem has been motivating groups of people. The proverbial carrot and stick have proved central. The Torah and Koran, Chinese texts  and even the  Vedas all derive from this time of warring nations, collections of tribes, forming alliances and contesting in an attempt to make an ever greater cohesive body. This is the basis of empires. There are monarchies and then empires with holy wars and ultimately Caesar as God.  Then there is a move in the east and the west to the God being invisible, the early Buddhist warrior invasions of Cambodia, the Chinese and the Dao and Japanese and Shinto and Mohammed and Allah and Constantine and the Christian God Yahvew, the ‘unspeakable beingness name of the God of the Jews.”  Definitely heady times but ultimately all apart of the evolution and devolution we see at the very cellular level with increasingly complexity and organization.  King Lear says to Cornelius in the end, "We'll talk of court news, we'll talk of them too - who loses, who wins; who's in, who's out - and take upon the mystery of things, as if we were God's spies...."
Today that’s culminated in Liberalism and the Globalist Ideologies.  Liberalism demands like all religions that all share it’s basic beliefs and language. There is a superstition in religion that if everyone doesn't agree to worship the same ideas then God will be unhappy and strike the community with calamity.  Ironically Liberalism espouses verbally 'diversity' while  being the least inclusive excluding anyone that disagrees with liberalism especially conservatives.  The State must have no other Gods before it.  The Liberal must have no other Gods before it.  All of the  slogans of liberalism sound good in word while in fact they're more often than not it's opposite.  The Mein Kemp and Communist Manifesto are wonderful sounding socialist treatises far less messy and pedantic than Magna Carta and  the Declaration of Independence.
Religions and States have a central need for inclusion and exclusion.  The Roman’s achieved this through ‘citizenship’. The Ottoman empire had a similar mechanism of allowing tribal members to rise within their ranks.  The Jews would to a great extent restrict themselves to blood relationships and influence while others tried various mechanisms to essentially fulfill the task of ‘herding cats.’
Today the religion of liberalism demands that you reject God as an unseen or traditional force.  It's in place you have the State. Socialism, the first major atheist religion, demanded that the State be seen as God.  Marx posited a ‘collective consciousness’ which was a contrast to the “collective unconscious’ described Dr. Carl Jung.  Marx called ‘religion, the opiate of the masses’ all the while developing his own religion with his God as a worker state calling for an International Workers to Unite.  Neitze called Christianity the peasant religion and posited his Superman religion for the benefit of the Strongman and Strong woman of his day.  He said God was dead but he himself died instead. Survival of the fittest appeals most to the winners rather than the losers. Genetics allows the king to say to the revolutionary you must be born king.  There are various strategies for maintaining power since historically revolution and war and the principal means of acquiring power since the time of agriculture and herding. Industrialization just reduced the need for so many bodies as machines could do the jobs.
As Joan Bias, American folk singer said in the Rolling Stone magazine, the shit is still falling from above and there's still fewer of them than us. The only difference is the elite now have 'shit making machines'.  The oldest law of the world is the Chinese Law of the Fish, 'there are big fish and there are little fish and the little fish must be fast and numerous.'
A key superstition of groups demands that all participate in the ‘idea’ or the ‘project’ or the ‘war’.  Indeed having everyone on board with something is the basis of taboos as well. The idea was that if one person in the group did something then all would suffer as a consequence of that person’s deviation.  In an age where children were the material of the work force and the military unit then anything that interfered with child production and rearing was taboo.  Homosexuality was acceptable if men reproduced.  The Spartans had their wives but had homosexual relationships on the side.   Homosexual acts were not the issue but the issue was if there was a refusal to produce war and work materials. Children have always been the old age pension of the mother and the father.  So even today the fear of homosexuality is not the act but rather the absence of grandchildren.  The family was the fundamental building block of the tribe and state but Marx and Engels argued that the reproductive function should be subservient to the state. Marx was especially misyogynist. The Frankfurt Group which tried to mix Freud and Marx into a Cultural Communism or socialism persisted in believing that the fundamental bond of ‘mother and child’ was fundamentally ‘bourgeoisie’. In the socialist system the mother rejected was reduced to  the term ‘breeder’.  The historic spiritual feminine power of the mother was reduced in an attempt to give all power to the masculine State, increasingly a military unit with political agents replacing the priests of medieval age.
The simple solution of revolutions was to steal the riches and kill those who created them, a system originally developed thousands of years before Christ. Of course if one submitted fully then they could be brought into the ‘new world order’.  This phenomena was best described by the Science Fiction technological drone species of Star Trek fame called the" Borg"  Their greeting and  command is “We are the Borg, You will Assimilate. Resistance is futile”.  As reality is said to be stranger than fiction with have the Islam command of 'submit' and 'assimilate' and the communist demand that resistance is future.  Marx claimed that perpetual war between Bougeosie and Proletariat would lead to eventual world communism.
 The solution to herding cats for the Atheist Socialists of Communism was  killing 60 million dissidents in the USSR while making countless millions slave labour in the Gulags.  The Chinese communists killed a hundred million. The communist pol pot nearly halved their nation.  To date atheists appear the greatest most efficient killers of all time.  The thought experiment of Marxism has failed repeatedly but as a revolutionary strategy it’s been highly successful based on the paranoid reduction of ‘us and them’. It continues today all the rage in ‘identity politics’ . Any group with define itself by some characteristic, race, gender, height or weight or whatever and then self proclaim themselves as the ‘victim or oppressed" and the "other", whoever that is, then becomes the " victimizer or oppressor”.  Paranoid schizophrenics always view the world as 'us and them'.  The liberal language really is the language of insanity
The religious parallel has been Islam with a similar demand for assimilation called 'submission or the sword."  There is no freedom in Islam.   Second only to atheism Islam has killed more people in history than any other group.  Islam means ‘submit’ and here the superstition is that everyone must submit to Allah with the underlying unconscious belief that with collective agreement the group will have the pleasure of the deity. The idea of deviance in the tribe was that any difference and individual might attract destruction for the group.
In the early tribal history the great fear was climate changes like drought and floods which affected crops.
Today we have the fear mongering Climate Change Cult demanding ‘consensus’ or the sky will fall and earth will die. Their racket is saving Gaia the planet, a mother earth god.  It’s really surprising how little progress is made mimetically when the themes are considered.  Virgins were sacrificed en mass for the Mayans and Aztecs to ensure the Climate Change Cult of the day, mathematicians with rock computers could maintain their plush lush lifestyle.  The surface looks different but at the deep level the same play of superstition and taboo persists. The elite manipulate the fears of the masses and in return gain more power and control and of course virgins, boys or girls, depending on the flavour of the month.
Sharia communism is the interesting alliance of these two apparently different groups which have made an unholy allegiance no different from Hitler and Stalin, the two great socialisms of the day, Stalins’ International socialism’ and Hitler’s National Socialism’.  Both wanted world dominion.
Today the old communists continue to demand world dominion driven by their fears. These atheists kicked out of Russia by the return of Mother Church of Christendom.  Brussels and the UN persist in the Babylon  attempt at a Global State, atheist global rule, centrist communist authority, not surprisingly promoted by Merkel the former East German communist now nominally Lutheran.
Islam a carry over from medieval days continues with it’s monarchies and world dominion themes. The Hindus, Buddhists and Christians have all actually developed collectively to a federation of diversity in contrast to the two malignant forces of superstitious taboo and religiopolitical conformity. Islam determines the length of skirt of women whereas at one time communism dictated the colour of paint used in buildings. Political correctness is the series of taboos of the atheist religion.
After WWII the Security Council of the United Nations was made of China, Russia, USA, Britain, and France.  These are the allies that defeated the great Axis of evil, Germany, Italy and Japan.  The principle function of the Security Council was to maintain the status quo and it served as the major arms dealers in the world.  These competing military complexes persist to today.  The atheist religion of the USSR communism has been replaced by the reassertion of the mother centred Orthodox Christianity.  China remains atheist communist but Christianity and other god based religions have challenged the State atheist religion brand.  The British and French empires have similarly broken up while retaining freedom of religion.
In the war between atheist China and theistic India, India won  Now Indian, pluralistic theistic nation continues to be challenged by the Pakistani militant Islam.
In contrast to other religions, Islam has maintained it’s principle function as Jihad or War Religion of Assimilation.  In the time of the Crusades Islam's  violent invasion of the middle east and invasion of Europe through Spain and in Italy to Venice was only stopped by the combined forces of European Christendom. Mohammed is one of the greatest murderers of all time.  In India where the Hindus had been invaded and ‘put to the sword’ by the Muslims the British empire with it’s Naval Supremacy had established peace to support trade.  The Ottoman Empire was the largest land based empire of the day, the ethnic Turks with the Islam religion celebrated recurrent wars of victory against the infidel. Islam is a religion of constant jihad.  Ironically Islam claims to be a religion of peace and beheads anyone that disagrees.
Sharia Communism is the latest herding cats strategy. Both are religions of constant and perpetual war.
Liberalism demands adherence to the idea of ideological sexuality.  What "I think" defines my sex. Islam offers virgins in heaven. The socialism of the 60's separated child bearing from sex and with the birth control pill and abortion heralded the sexual revolution.  LGBT etc community has joined the liberal cause because the conservative position was celebrating the mother and family.   Feminism, itself  a sect of the daughter religion,  came as a war between the mother and daughter.  The attack of the daughter was against the mother’s choice of father and the allegiance between mother and father.  Lesbianism removed the need of father as more than 'sperm done' and the Trinity of family , central to the Trinity of Christen god was reduced to the dichotomy of Mother Daughter.  Not surprising transsexualism arises and men incapable of child bearing claim to be woman as the Daughter not the Mother is the god of this sect of Liberalism.  (Transexualism and hermaphritism and homosexuality and bisexuality have always been present throughout history but never as the dominant authority they have today. Lord of the Flies and 1984 are all prescient)
The adolescent rebellion was death based and abortion of the grand children and threat of suicide if you don’t join me against him was central to this dynamic. Women in this reductionist ideology were the ‘oppressed’ and men were the ‘oppressor’. In fact daughters or feminists were principally oppressed by their mothers who were aligned with the Strong man.  The divide and conquer of liberalism and today’s identity politics has resulted in the elite rich gaining more power than all previous history, the division between wealth and poverty accelerating with increasingly liberal Power Couples such as Hillary and Bill Clinton and Michelle and Barack Obama and Sophie and Justin Trudeau all claiming to represent the gender divided populace of modern liberalism.  All of these purported to support the individual all the while the remain 'family' groupings of profound wealth and bring to mind the Ottoman Empire's use of Eunuch's to maintain their power.  Power Couples and Power Families compete for the adults.  In Canada in an attempt to get greater votes the Liberals wish to expand the electorate to adolescence because the message of the liberal brand sells best to youth.  Western youth like the children of monarch's remain attached to the umbilical chord of the family for ever increasingly lengths of time.
Abortion has been a principle liberal tenant along with euthanasia resulting in Liberalism being defined by some as the Religion of Death. Ironically while they cry wolf with the ‘skies falling’ and the “world's going to end’ so we much tax carbon, the very air we breathe, they celebrate killing of the unborn and old. Traditionaly a culture was judged by how well it treated its children, invalids and old. The so called 'multiculturalism' of the state by definition is therefore no more than 'un cultured'. The world is collectively the Wild West.
Islam by contrast to Communism has been able to maintain ‘submission’ for hundreds of years. The Communist totalitarianism lasted a mere hundred by comparison so the joining of Sharia and Communism purports to be a much more powerful mechanism of ‘herding cats’.
The idea since agricultural times is for the elite to have as much freedom and control and for the rest to do the work and obey. Submit. Resistance is futile.
Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly are freedoms that westerners, especially Canadians, take for granted not realizing that none of these exist in Communist countries or Islam.  The beauty of both Communism and Islam and today's UN and Brussels is that they ensure the most centralized authority and wealth to the fewest people who are at the top.
I asked a person who survived communism what it was like when the Berlin Wall fell and USSR dissolved. He said, “We were poor before. We were not able to complain or we’d be put in jail.  Then we remained poor and maybe even poorer but we were able to complain.  The leaders stopped calling themselves communists and called themselves businessmen. They were the same people, just different names.  And we just became complaining poor people."  Different names. The language of the Liberals.
The Oligarchs of China are the present Committee Communist central authority dictators.  Lenin actually called it 'Dictatorship of the Proletariat."  George Carlin the comedian does the best skit on the Rulers.  "They don't care about us."   Once the emperor was Mao, today it’s Xi Jinping.  No one can imagine the personal wealth and power of this man Xi Jinping. The key is the language of politics.
Corporations represent the Medieval baroncies.  They’re a parallel power to the existing nations, transnational entities like the Secret Societies, like Free Masons of olden days. They have their own security forces or armies or police.
The Secular Age would argue that religion is no more but it’s alive and well in Atheist Communism and Islam. The question is really about Centrist or Federalist authority.  The whole of the American constitution was about State and Federal Powers, local versus distant power,  as these were deemed by the founding fathers as most important.  In Canada, the British Empire kept the Commonwealth a loose federalist association with the central authority dominating so that the Monarch could maintain power. Canadians still colonials never appreciate the extent of the propaganda of their central authority Communist Broadcasting Corporation as compared to the State Powers in the Us union or federation.  This  monarch centrist position was greatest in the Calif role of the Ottoman Empire and today exists with King Saud of Saudi Arabia who dictates not only his country and distant resources but also creates the jihad religion of sunni wahabi and the Mecca central control mechanism.   Blood related elites and dynastic rule like the Bush family and the brand Trudeau can't compete with hundreds of years of rule and a medieval peasant society kept with fewer freedom than the middle age Christians.   It really was surprising however that the Clinton brand was Trumped.
In totalitarian countries everyone is trying to escape hence the Iron Curtain communist attempt to keep everyone in and the Migrant movement out of Muslim countries to the freedom of the west.  Trump's wall and the historic immigration policies of the west have been principally to keep people out.  Sharia totalitarianism appeals only to the elite.  The Population Jihad of Islam is no different than the rise of the once defeated aboriginal class of Canada’s whose baby force has increased the percentage of native vote and power exponentially while the feminist anti mother class has celebrated the great abortionist Morgetaller and the white race has self imploded. A major problem of all States is what to do with the defeated as they tend to come back to rule in revenge and blood feuds.
Censorship, whether it is the newest version, against “hate speech’ and “islamaphobia’ is no different than that done against the LGBT community where government officials poured over salacious material deciding which to share with the adult population while claiming to defend children from smut, all the while concealing the pedophila rings which hid in the privacy of the elite and their secret societies.
The activist always claims to be fighting on behalf of others less fortunate while denying their own aggression and resentment. Lenin, the murderous lawyer, killed the Czar because the Czar had killed Lenin’s brother when the same tried to kill the Czar. There’s a basic blood feud theme that runs through the elite. Politics makes strange bedfellows and the ultimate rulers to the most of us may as well be the warring and sexing Greek Gods of yore. Todays' afternoon television reigns in the prevailing families which apparently have dominated the world since early days in Italy.
In the Bhagadva Gita Arjuna the boy looks to Krishna the God and says the war is between my relatives. Krishna says, yes, and the decision is whether to participate or not.  All is ultimately civil war and the trick is to convince your side that the other side is 'not human'.
The Dalai Lama's escape from Tibet when the Chinese atheist communist war machine,  machine gunned the peaceful isolated meditating monks en mass continues with ethnic cleansing and genocide today.  The message though is the same as Cappodocea where the Christians built underground cities with Churches or the Meteora where the Christians built monasteries' on pinnacles, until we get individual space ships there's simply no place to escape Atheist Communism and/or Islam. These are the barbarians of today and wherever they go they rape pillage and destroy history and cultures.  "We are the Borg.  You will Assimilate.  Resistance is futile."
The Liberal cause does not address the genoscide and cultural assimilation of the Tibetans but rather celebrates the militaristic Palestinians and calls the Israeli oppressors. The modern United Nations outside of the real politic of the Security Council has become a Sharia Communist western funded propaganda organ against Israel.  Christians are persecuted and killed en mass in Muslim and Atheist Communist territories but Feminist Liberal Leaders like Jutin Trudeau smoking pot and giving tens of  millions to terrorists ignores the persecution of Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sik, Zorastrians, Bahi, etc . They claim taht the persecutors of Islam and Aethiesm are instead the persecuted. The Marketing Agents of Liberalism maintain that if you tell a lie enough it will be thought to be a truth. Certainly this is the finding of Dr. Peterson who has studied the increasing ignorance of college students who actually are en mass ignoring reality with the help of Liberal professors and widespread availability of drugs.
The language of the Liberal is a religious deceit.  Black is white and white is black.
Addiction, the great idolatry, is described as having sex with a blow up doll and calling it love. Liberalism and the Islam's tribal taqiyya, the doctrine of deception, are akin in that they are ideological definitions of right and wrong with no basis in actual truth or common sense or reality as most understand it.  The communists controlled their nation with their political police just as Islam controls their people with  religious police.
The ends justify the means and the ends is after perpetual rule, the last man standing. For now politics makes strange bedfellows and where once Stalin and Hitler had a Bromance , the  Atheist communists figure they can use Islam to achieve world dominance while Islam figures they can achieve world dominance.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Davis Street Again

I've sat here for years, it seems. I used to live down the hill on Beach. That must have been a decade or more ago.  I loved having the Olympic Pool as my personal work out facility across from my apartment complex. We'd watch the Sun Run go by each year on Beach.  Davis was where I did my shopping. I ate in most of the restaurants and loved them.  The cuisine is exquisite on this street. It was also the very best place to enjoy Halloween. I'd get us a window seat and dressed in drag enjoy watching the others. I'll never forget the Tree with roots streaming down all around his head to the ground and this palm street sprouting up 4 feet over his head.  Davis street is where the costumes always are.

The nooner was and probably still is a great meeting at Q centre.  We'd gather and discuss our mental health or lack of it.  I liked that nobody cared what we wore to that meeting, Men in dresses. Women in pyjamas. it was just important that we showed up.  A lot of young people and the old guard. I made some really good friends there.  I 'd love to return but I'm living in the Burbs now and don't get downtown so often.  

Laura is working near Davis street so I drop her off her when. I stay over at her place. Gilbert and I and her in the little Miata Sports Car. Leaving George to watch over her apartment as we all go off to work.  I had an office up on Broadway in the Medical Alley back then and sometimes walked over the Granville Bridge.  Just around the corner from here I got Gilbert a Cowichan dog sweater.  That store's gone. The walkways are rainbow painted. I like that.  It's such a gay friendly street.  With all the gentrification here a lot of the folk moved over to Commercial street.  That's a centre of the arts, gay, students, European and later immigrant stores.  A wonderful street like Davis. Though both are marred by the drug addiction.  Lots of beggars though not now. Not around here.  

Little Sisters, the incredible LGBT store that fought censorship for decades still exists. Great book store, and terrific art comedy cards. I've been buying the cards there as long as I can remember. Cynical gay wit.  My Harley Electroglide is parked across the street in front of the Independent Grocery Store.  When I lived here it was a weekly visit.  

This is the West End. High density. Incredible variety of people.  Real city feel.  I don't remember the Community Policing office for the West End and Coal Harbour but I've enjoyed the police being on the street.  I've stopped in and visited others Street Offices and was disappointed that Black Lives Matter objected to the police presence at Gay Parade.  I used to go when I lived down here and was younger. I liked the police along with the government officialdom, banks and all manner of citizenry.  it seemed more and more like the Irish Parade till Black Lives Matter hijacked the process. Gay is mainstream now. A long cry from the days of Harry Hay a distant relative who wore gaudy dresses and began the famous Fairies movement.  When I was in New York  I made a pilgrimage to New York's Stonewall, an upscale yuppie pub with a discrete drag show. It had been the site of the famous 'Boys in Blue beaten by the guys in pink dresses".  That was the 60's.  The pendulum had swung so far right back then that I remember being shot at for having long hair.  Now the pendulum has swung so far left that guys with short hair get hassled.  

I loved hearing a fellow share this last week that he's taken to eavesdropping on young people and found that they're all pretty much normal, talking about jobs, and rent and school and boy friends and girlfriends. They don't seem to be bothered much by any of the things media goes on about. Indeed the media seems a caricature of the reality. I told him my nephwes seem pretty normal and don't sound like anything I hear the Talking Heads going on about.  Sensationalism sells and that's what's being hustled these days. Politicians doing anything to get the media to take their picture even as they themselves are taking countless selfies.

I"m taking selfies. I enjoy the Smart Phones so much. I was just at the Monet exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  It really was spectacular.  I think it was on loan from the Met and MoNa but I really wasn't paying attention to that. I had only limited time as it was closing so enjoyed looking at the art itself.  I love the "water lillies'.  Thos in New York were the best but the smaller version here was beautiful. I love that Claude Monet loved to garden and painted his garden.  The exhibit was called Secret Garden. I thought of my mother, who loved to garden and how she'd have loved this art. Such colours and shapes.  Some of it was reminiscent of Emily Carr's work or there's cross pollination.  I love the Emily Carr at the Vancouver Art Gallery. When I lived in the West End I went more.

Today I thought I'd broken the glass on my iPhone so had made an appointment with the Pacific Centre Genius Bar to have it fixed. As it turned out I'd only seriously scratched the protector and the phone had no crack in it at all. That's how I had more time to visit the Art Gallery. I'd paid for parking for the motorcycle and had an hour left. I brought the motorcycle downtown so I'd be able to ride home to Burnaby in the HOV lane rather than getting caught up in rush hour traffic.

I'm here on Davis Street having a coffee at Bean Around the World waiting a while till the traffic thins out. There was rain too.  I'm sitting on the street enjoying the sea breeze from English Bay below.  We used to go down there for the Fire Works.  I loved being so close to Stanley Park and bicycled around the Sea Wall every weekend for a while. Then I was a holy terror on roller blades. I'm glad I survived those and didn't smack into too many people.  Stopping wanst' my strong point.  I moved from here down to my sailboat because I needed to outfit it for offshore and I only do the work that's needed when I'm living on it. I can't stand my sailboat not being offshore ready so living on it I put all my time and energy into that task.  Now it's up on land and I'm having a summer on land as a consequence. It's a nice change.  I miss the sailing but expect to be doing a lot of it again in the future.  Now I"m enjoying the motorcycle.  Gilbert loves all the walks on land.  On the boat he had to wait when we were at anchor for me to dinghy ashore and take him for a walk.

He loved walking on Davis Street. It a real dog friendly street. No so many children. Mostly an adult place.  Now that I've said that I see a number of children walking across the street with their parents.  I like the fashion on this street.  Lots of hard bodies too.  I"m old by comparison. I forget that.  I'm sitting here people watching and thinking all the men and women are good looking and then realize they're all 20 or 30 years younger than me. I liked getting the Senior's rate at the Art Gallery.  

Here I'm probably viewed as a DOM, "dirty old man".  I'm not looking with lust as I'm people watching but rather I like looking at the shapes and walks and fashion. It's like looking at trees.  This woman putting money in the meter for her car is stunning.  Blond pony tail.  Haute courture dress.  Leather high heels that have a middle eastern flavour. I watched her walk down the street and go into the nail bar that's been there forever.  I used to get my hair done by a Persian woman along here.   The delicious European Deli is still there.  

Well time to move along.  I'd like to walk the street before getting on the bike and heading home. I'll ride down the hill to Stanley Park and circle back to head home. Laura and I rode the Aprillia Scooter down there.  I loved looking up at the Heron nesting by the Lawn Bowling green.  

Yea I'm still here and Squeezing the Puss out of my Brain

“Yea, I’m still here,” I told God.
The lights were on. Bird song was coming through the window. The little bundle of joy, the cockapoo Gilbert was lying on his bed.  I reached out and rubbed his back.
He licked my face.
It’s God’s way of saying Good Morning.
I wanted to shout back, “What’s good about it."
I wake up like that some days.  There was the time in my life when the twin vultures of fear and anger sat on my bed posts waiting for my eyes to open.
Now it’s mostly, “when are you going to make something of your life.”  I reminisce on the people who said I’d be a failure if I didn’t shape or change or be like them.
Now I’m old.  Older.  I’m looking out of my eyes and not realizing that I’m no longer 20 or 30 or 40 until I see a reflection of myself in the mirror. I like looking at the young people.  I worry then I may seem creepy.
I wonder how long it will be till I’m irrelevant.
There’s an ennui.
“What should I do today, “ I ask God.  I’m in my under wear and I’ve gone to the toilet. That’s a given. There’s not a lot of decision making in bodily function. I don’t like to sit in warm wetness.  I do my own house keeping .The place is a mess.  I haven’t had a cleaning lady in a year or more.  I am afraid of strangers in my house. One years back notified her gang friends of what I had in my Shaughnassey home. When I caught them and asked who the hell told them to target my place I heard that the cleaning lady was a friend.  Loose lips sink ships. They were after my new computer. I have little shit like that.  An iPhone. An Ipad. When my iPad was stolen from the clinic it was a year of hassle it seemed restoring medical apps, finding passwords.  hours of work.  I’m thankful for the Apple iCloud today. I back up but thieves are a hassle. I worry too about ammunition. Each year I hunt and when we do we carry spare shells in our pockets especially 22 shells we use for shooting grouse. Tender tasty morsels of delicious wild bird.  The trouble is getting all these shells stored safely again when I come home.  They should up in my launder smaller than a penny.  They fall out of the bags onto the floor.  I hate the thought of a cleaning lady calling SWAT because she finds a 22 shell in my bed. Then there’s the sex toys and women’s clothes. Who wants the church to know that you have a bottle of KY jelly in the bathroom.  It’s not like it’s crack or heroin or bombs but it’s that sense that there’s no safety.  The STATE is oppressive. Totalitarian. Demanding compliance with the prescribed norm.  Maybe the Bible will offend someone. I have anatomy books. I have Clausewitz.  I have chemistry. I don’t know what will offend people and hide in side a lot. Not wanting to face anyone in Canada off hours for fear talking to them about Jesus will have me arrested for hate speech.  Of course I could be Myla Cyruss and talk about killing people because of their differing ideas. I remember a woman shouting at me in a meeting that I should speak about a man pointing a gun at me because it’s so violent. She was a nut bar. So many people never actually experience anything but their own mental banking then demand the centre stage when adults are talking. I was telling a guy about the fear I had when a guy pointed a gun at me and he was sharing the same. There were no police for 15 or 20 minutes in either case and it changed our attitudes to the promises our taxes pay for and the idea that we can trust the STATE. Theres wild fires all over and people being evacuated. but when this was done in Alberta the RCMP used the occasion to go in and take every farmer’s guns.  Here in BC they caught one guy going about stealing millions of dollars.  Yet they call citizens criminals if they want to defend their property and stay home with buckets and shovels.  It upsets me but then I remember it’s just media.
The whole news thing is a grand lie.  Adolescents have all the answers to events at the global level but can’t make their bed. I”ve not cleaned my house myself for weeks. That is the solution. No cleaning lady , clean your own place.e So A week or two back I shook out the rugs and swept the place. A major improvement. I take my laundry to a laundry lady.  Why can’t I be thankful for that rather than focusing on not having a cleaning lady and complaining about too much clutter and my growing aging hoarding tendencies. I’m not really a hoarder I just have a storage locker where I have kitchen stuff I can’t find so buy a whole new set.  I also have food, cans of stuff. Always ready for armageddon.  I’m going to die and there’s going to be 2 weeks supply of canned food for charity.
“God I’m about ready for a shower,”
I’ve got a lot of automatic pilot stuff written into my schedule. My alarm goes off 5 days a week.  My keys and wallet are in one place. I have a lot of stuff organized for easy thoughtless progress. Even after the morning coffee I don’t like heavy decisions.  Shoes, jeans and shirt are all where they are supposed to be.  Looking for underwear is the most difficult thing. I wonder about colour and fabric. I like the new Calvin Klein sensual slippery stuff, almost feminine, such an improvement over my old stanfields that are going holy and bunch up when I sit.  I have the a few perfect underwear. Just comfortable and black and no need for consideration .  It’s just that there’s never a weeks supply, and I use them early and am then sorting through a whole lot of not so comfortable ones like the mis matched socks. Best part of summer is not wearing socks even when I ride the Harley I can forego socks in my boots.
The vehicles are a delight. I don’t know if I could get to work in a jalopy anymore. What get me out the door is looking forward to driving the truck, the sportscar or the motorcycle. I didn’t know this about myself but I’m really into vehicle. As a little boy all I did was zoom a sports car about or float boats. Now as an adult I’m doing what I fantasized my whole childhood about except the planes.  No one has trusted me with an F16 either.  I ‘d argue that I didn’t need lessons, just a quick review and then give me the keys.  Like I did with my Dad and his precious truck before I crashed through the neighbours fence, the old man scream, ‘brake brake ‘ and me flooring the gas pedal.

“I know God I’ve got to get ready. I’m more thankful for the day  Journalling does that to me. I call it” squeezing the puss out of my brain.’  Some mornings I have to do serious Gratitude lists just to get my attitude shifted forward.  My depressive patients can suck the soul out of the universe. They’re atheists and make the strongest case for all they’re thinking.  Things just are. So I’m just negative. Some people are just positive.  I say they pray. I point out that Catholics experience the same shit as atheists but atheists kill themselves all the time while Catholics don’t.  They say they’re delusion. I ask them to read Don Quixote.  They have no Dulcinea’s.  They see everything in the worst way and then want a special pill to ‘feel good’.  I have to watch my thinking every day like I avoided having patients infected in surgery by washing my hands all the time. Then we’d have the nose picker from the kitchen union and the administrator who’d come swaggering through the wards but not wash his hands after he touched stuff.  Idiot.  But I can reach back into my mind and remember that administrator or the guy in his boat who made things work smoothly in the ward and got things done and was always finding stuff to make it all work when we on ihefront lines felt it was hopeless at times  He was a mensch.

But my self pity mind is always looking for the shit on the left hand side of life. Like thinking about Trudeau. I don’t like the dope smoking arrogant communist idiots brand name.  So why don’t i focus on the positive, on Andrew Scheer, a good young man whose worked hard all his life has this great family and a steady woman who loves him as the two love the Canada I believe in. I love the Canada I grew up in the wilderness and the land and the people working together, not all the divide and conquer and favouritism of today. I like the bringing together of Andrew and should focus on the positive.  My aunt said if you don’t have anything good to say about a person don’t talk about them but I’m caught up in the madness of today’s politics and like everyone else seem to have a lot of shit to say about what i don’t want and those assholes  I don’t like but why am I not speaking more about that glorious woman Rempel.  Or thanking Rona for making parliament such a civilized place. While Trusdau was sitting women and looking down his nose at everyone Rona was being a real lady but one who didn’t take shit. She reminded me of the Queen.
I like Ron Reed. He’s the director and produce and actor at the Pacific Theatre.  He’s a true Mensch and his work is uplifting and thought provoking and he brings together people who see beyond the superficial.
But I work all day with people who are out of prison or on the way back to prison who steal and whore and do drugs. I’m trying my best to stay detached from the horror. I have people who die ridiculous overdose lives trying to get high by getting enslaved. Monkeys with electrctrodes in their brains.
And I ask you God, “What am I to do today.” What is it you gave me this life for. What can I do to serve you and my fellow man.

And Now I’m going to work.  Time to shower. I like the showering part of the day, like the coffee, like the night ice creams. There are oasis of positives in even the despair of ennui and the same old same old.  Squeeze the pus out of your brain I tell myself and try to focus on the positive. Pray and meditate.  Exorcise the negative. Don’t let the acid settle.  Be teflon to all the criticism and abuse and negativity that’s coming your way in your job as the Complaints Department of Life and don’t focus on the Administration. They’re still looking for their ass with both hands and all they know how to do is reward their friends and criticize all others. They’re cowards , terrified for their jobs and their perks.  Look how much money Obama and Michelle got for their bit of government.  Accept you’re envious. You’re doing okay.  There’s never enough.  That’s why the George Soros are their to remind you of the banality of evil and the power of Greed.  Just do your bit today.
Thy Will Be Done .  Thank you Jesus!

Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for Us Sinners, now and in the hour of our death.

Saints of all religions we bow to you now. May thy love shine forever on the sanctuary of my devotion and may I awaken thy love in all hearts.


Think positive. Block the negative thoughts by positive affirmation.  Look for the good in people. Jesus came to his disciples as a wounded stranger.  It doesn't take a genius to know it's broken, it takes a genius to know how to fix it.

Life is for living.

Be Still and Know that I am God.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for all that is life. Thank you for creation Creator.  Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub, Yea God

Thank you. Really Thank you.